WinCUBIS which is based on a client server technologies, sincronises complete business of an insurance company, starting with insurance sales and continuing to the finance, claims, actuary, reinsurance, reporting and other back office processes. Some of the processes which system supports are: insurance product definition, insurance sales, entrance control, invoicing, payment reminding, client correspondence, premium tracking, provision calculation, claims settlement, Document Management System, advanced analysis and reporting, multilingual support...

WinCUBIS reaches it's maximum potential as a central insurance information system which enables complete monitoring of all insurance products, but also logical hierarchical connecting of all business units in the insurance company or in the insurance group (offices, agencies, affiliates, companies ...), supported by simple internet/intranet usage with no need for additional licenses.

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Additional possiblity for insurance groups or holdings

n - Cube is a system for simultaneous process management in the several insurance companies under the same holding, group or similar organization. Complete integration of all business units through unified CUBIS information system, control over every business aspect of the particular daughter company, multilingualism and even different phonetic letters, are some of the possibilities n-Cube module.