CEO's message

Development and implementation of sophisticated information systems implies constant learning and specialization of the development team in at least two basic areas. Time of intensive information technology development seeks a constant education and specialization in this segment. For the successful development of information systems, besides good knowledge of modern technologies, constant learning and specialization about specific business industry is crucial.

With this idea and aiming to develop software solutions of highest quality, in 1992. we have formed a development team that is constantly learning and specializing through our internal processes. In order to achieve the best results we have narrowed our offer on the development and implementation of information systems only for the needs of insurance industry. For more than 20 years our team is being educated both in IT and insurance.

Correctness of our decision is confirmed by our business partners who often besides implementation of software solutions are seeking the best solutions for internal business processes organization.

Narrow specialization together with constant exposure to the most diverse demands from our users has perfected our development team in solving concrete problems and business demands. By setting high standards in software development and implementation we have developed our own concept of informatization of working procedures to achieve high level of modularity.

Guided by your needs and our own vision, our goal is always to exceed expectations and ensure customer satisfaction, by creating efficient, innovative and cost effective solutions.

Trust and building partnership with our customers is the basis upon which our organization is built, and this encourages us to hard work wherewith we achieve our mission and your success!

Ivan Matić