Until today our team has produced 4 technologically different, but on the process level compatible solutions - Megaline, BizCUBIS, WinCUBIS i InCUBIS – which thanks to their process compatibility and unified database module, deliver the best results as a unique insurance infomration system „CUBIS“.

Basic element of the CUBIS information system is a cube – informatized working procedure with clearly defined structure and the way of data entry and export.

Every insurance business process is possible to decompose to the lowest possible level (working procedure) which is than defined with such simple element – the cube.

Driven by this idea we have made possible for the insurance companies to create and organize workplaces with strictly defined powers, possibilities and tasks at all levels.

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What is the price of information system?

This is the question we hear every day and still it isnt'n simple to answer it. Not knowing the price of information system is not a problem, but the lack of information what potential user considers to be IT system. That is a place where explanations and questions start. We used to ask users simple question: „What do you consider under insurance information system“ and the answer was usually „Everything you have“ or „Evertything we need“.

Answer to the question „Everything you have“ could be simple : 20.000.000 euros – but then because of the height of price any other communication stops even before it really began.

On the other hand, the answer to the „Evertything we need“ is mostly the same because potential buyer hasn't even roughly defined what he really needs, so subsequently declares that the answer is actually - "Everything that we have."

The price of the complete information system is variable and depends on what you want to do, what level of service you require, and the rights over the software you need. Depending on these factors the price varies in range from 40,000 euros to several hundred thousand euros.

Forming the price of the CUBIS information system

Price and software itself are formed depending on the number and the complexity of business processes that you want to automate, and there is an influence of the technology and the way in which you want to automate business processes.

The whole system covers about 8.300 working procedures in insurance, and as such supports the entire insurance company and can be used as a WIN or WEB solution, but also combined. A deadline for the implementation depends of the complexity and required functionality, and for complete informatization of one insurance company it ranges from 30 to 180 days.

When we say “everything” than we presume that nothing except operation system isn’t mandatory because CUBIS IS can support:

  • Bookeeping processes such as general ledger, finance, salaries, invoicing, fixed assets, human resources etc.
  • WEB and WIN solution for the entire business (insurance product definition, organization, sales, claims, commissions, control, statistics, premium bookkeeping etc.)
  • Internet insurance sales
  • Internet sales of risks (product can be virtually created by the end user)
  • Customer Relationship Management system
  • Your own RDBMS, but every other data base can be used, for example ORACLE, MS SQL Server, DB2, SYBASE, FoxPro, MySQL ...
  • Your own data analysis system
  • Your own Document Management System
  • System for the organization management and tracking the results and the work flow
  • SMS or e-mail notification system

Aside from the required functionality, the final price of the IS depends on the rights that can be formed in several ways:

RIGHTS OF USE (without a source code):

  • The right to use on certain number of installed working units
  • The right to use for a certain number of registered users
  • The right to use on a specific area (e.g. country) regardless of the number of users
  • The right to use per server regardless the number of users
  • The right of use for more insurance companies

RIGHTS OF USE (with source code included):

Insurance companies that have their own development team can continue to independently develop and maintain our CUBIS information system and may have an interest in buying the information system at a certain stage of development together with the original (source) code and technical documentation. The price in this case, except for the width source project and technical documentation, depends on the rights that the customer wants to have, and some of these rights could be defined as:

  • The right for independent development and maintenance for your own company
  • The right for independent development and maintenance and further distribution within the the Group ...
  • The right for independent development and maintenance for further sale ...

Naturally, all of these rights must be pre-defined in the contract and based on the precise customer specification.

All inquiries of this type be free to send to:

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